Colline di Selvapiana e Canossa

A special thanks to Claudia Carapezzi for having drawn with mastery and passion for her land, the pictures of these places.
Claudia Carapezzi is originally from Selvapiana (Canossa, Italy), where she lives. She graduated from the Reggio Emilia Institute of Art in 1996, and today works as a designer of furniture and also collaborates with her father's farm, that produces milk for the production of our Parmigiano Reggiano. In 2006 she published "Poesie davanti al presepe” a full-color book, illustrated by the author, which received prizes and some special mentions in literary competitions. In her literary curriculum there are two international awards: "Una rosa per Santa Rosa" (Viterbo) and "Anco Marzio nel Mondo 2005" (Rome).

Montecchio Emilia

Montecchio Emilia Castle was built in a strategic position that allowed it to control the River Enza on the border between Reggio and Parma. From the mid-15th century until Italian Unification, its fortunes ran parallel with those of the Dukes of Este. It was made a marquisate in 1562 by the Emperor of Austria

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Quattro Castella

Home to the prestigious residence of the Countess Matilda of Canossa, Bianello Castle, the only one still complete of the four castles that gave the place its name: Monte Vetro, Bianello, Monte Lucio and Monte Zane. Bianello Castle and the other fortifications on the three hills were the first line of defence of the lands of Matilda of Canossa towards the plain. Matilda stayed here in the periods in between the many wars she fought.

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