The ability to differentiate its products to meet the diverse needs of the customers that has always distinguished Dalter, finds its highest expression in the variety of cheeses we offer on the market.

We offer the widest range of cuts available on the market with at least 9 variants that are all tailor-made according to customers’ requirements.

Grated cheese

Available in a more or less fine shape, it is the most common and versatile cutting, ideal for dressing pasta dishes and also useful as an ingredient for sauces, pies or vegetables.

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Our flakes are thin irregular leaves of cheese: tasty on pizza and carpaccio and an alternative to grated cheese able to give an extra touch also to soups.

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Ribbons are thin strips of cheese, with irregular shapes prepared for creative dishes, carpaccios, salads and first courses.

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Our cubes are available in different sizes and are suitable for a variety of occasions: If small, for salads or, if large, as a snack.

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These thin regular shavings of cheese are ideal to garnish salads and carpaccios and to prepare tasty pizzas.

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These tiny regular cheese squares have an unusual and original cut, perfect to prepare creative dishes or to be used with salads or pizzas.

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Thin threads of cheese, perfect to garnish pizzas and lasagne. They have the particularity to melt quickly.

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Nuggets are irregular cubes of cheese with a size that is comparable to that of a nut. They are particularly suitable as a fast snack or for the happy hour.

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Little cheese sticks, ideal to be served as snack, appetizer or to prepare delicious happy hours.

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