Società Agricola Fattoria Alex di Ceccardi Silvio e Francesco s.s.

“I love my job, I’d spend all my time working in the cattle shed if I could. I’ve always loved nature and animals, and I’ve tried to pass this on to my children. I hope that one day they’ll carry on the business.”

Since 1983, Silvio Ceccardi has been running the business he inherited from his parents, along with two employees from India. The farm has some 180 head of cattle, including 90 lactating cows. The close attention paid to looking after the cows and guaranteeing their wellbeing convinced Ceccardi to move towards organic farming, and in July 2017 they began producing organic milk.
The farm’s hallmark? The music playing in the cattle sheds, which transmits a pleasant sensation of calm and tranquillity to everyone working there, and above all to the cows. The farm has obtained numerous awards thanks to its participation in important international agricultural fairs.

“It is extremely satisfying to have the chance to exchange views and ideas with other farmers and to be able to learn something new every day.”

For the future, Silvio Ceccardi already has a new project in the pipeline.

“Today, it’s vital to show young children what the farming life is like, and to transmit our love for nature and animals to them. This is why we’d like to develop an area dedicated to play and educational activities for schools.”

Via Martiri di Marzabotto, 3
42020 Quattro Castella (RE) Italy
Organic Milk
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