Azienda Agricola Carapezzi Sergio Renato Alide

Azienda Agricola Carapezzi was established in the 1970s in the municipality of Selvapiana e Canossa. A small mountain area with a number of large estates in which farming and stock rearing have always been tough activities that require considerable sacrifices.
After expanding and modernising the business in the 1990s, today Sergio and Alide, along with their sons Renato and Claudia, run the farm with around 53 milk cows and 32 heifers, producing mountain milk for the production of Parmigiano Reggiano.

“Working in the mountains is much harder, but our parents have passed on their love for what they do, and we’re trying to carry on the business”, explains Claudia.

Their skills, the decision to remain bound to the rhythms of nature, the passion for farming and the love for the job they’ve passed on to their children allows the family to produce top-quality milk. A natural, genuine product, made using methods that remain closely bound to tradition.
Your greatest satisfaction?

“The cattle, for sure, our constant efforts to guarantee their wellbeing and the daily contact with the cows.” Every day, the family devotes their every effort to taking care of the animals and to growing the crops needed to feed them. “Animals are like people, you get fonder of them every day”.

“This unconditional love for the animals, together with a strong sense of cooperation, is what has allowed the family to overcome the difficulties they encounter daily. This isn’t just a job, it’s a whole way of life, a constant learning curve.
It’s only by standing united that we’re able to tackle and overcome the challenges we face every day.”

Via Selva, 8
42026 Selvapiana di Canossa (RE) Italy
Mountain milk