Azienda Agricola Orlandini Alessandro e C. Soc.Ag.S.

“My story began in 1989, and it was very much a challenge. I was a young lad of just 15, I was studying Agrarian Sciences, and I started out with just one cow, moving up to 2 and then 4: I wanted to put what I was studying into practice. The long-established farmers in the area thought I had no chance, because they weren’t used to seeing a young man taking on the tough life of a farmer.”

But Alessandro Orlandini was able to rise to the challenge, and now runs his farm on the “Casale Tugurio” estate in Barcaccia (Reggio Emilia), with 650 Italian Friesian cattle. He has 320 lactating cows and 220 hectares of land planted with alfalfa, mowing wheat and permanent meadow. Together with his wife Beatrice and a number of employees, every day he produces about 90 quintals of milk for the production of Parmigiano Reggiano.

The farm has two main distinguishing features. The first is the quantity/quality ratio of the milk, which for 15 years now has placed it among the top 10 farms in Reggio in the kg/protein ranking, an indicator of the high quality of the milk produced. The second is that Azienda Agricola Orlandini ranks seventh in Italy for the age of the cows, which testifies to the loving care and constant effort that go into guaranteeing their wellbeing. To make sure the cows are taken care of when they are going through a tough time or fall sick, an infirmary has been set up on the farm, from which 7 out of of 10 animals on average emerge cured of their ills.

At the Emilia Romagna Regional exhibition in 2008, Alessandro and Beatrice obtained one of their greatest satisfactions, when the company was given an award for the “Best dairy farm for the production of Parmigiano Reggiano in Emilia Romagna”. This achievement is thanks to many years of investments and on-going improvements, and above all a genuine passion for the work they do.

Via Tugurio 1/A
42021 Bibbiano (RE) Italy
Milk from the Plain