When love meets passion, the result can only be unique and extraordinary, like Parmigiano Reggiano.

What makes our Parmigiano Reggiano so outstanding? The skill and passion cheesemaker Pasquale Aversa and his team invest daily in turning the finest, strictly local milk into an excellent cheese that is an emblem of Italian food culture worldwide.

Pasquale Aversa, the cheesemaker of the Colline di Selvapiana e Canossa cheese factory, follows in the footsteps of his predecessors, teaming skill and simplicity with long, sound experience. Despite his young age, Pasquale has a profound experience as his training was alongside his predecessor Andrea Caiti, and Luigi Montruccoli, an expert cheesemaker who worked for over 30 years in the dairies in the area. It was Andrea Caiti who, in all these years to the present, has been able to carry on and transmitt on the precious inheritance received, to Pasquale and to the people who work alongside him in the dairy, respecting the ancient production methods.